Monday, 28 February 2011

Copella Wedges

Chick takes lunches to school with her every day (apart from Friday because that's chip day!!!). So when Copella asked me if they could send us some of their new wedges I was all for not having to buy drinks for this week's lunch. Now if Chick could choose what she wanted to take to drink it would be either something fizzy or full of E numbers and we generally have the same discussion every week in the supermarket as to why she can't drink that rubbish!!!

We received a box of four Apple & Elderflower wedges which retail at around £2.49 and also come in English Apple variety. Each carton is one of your five a day (which Chick doesn't need to know ;-) and have no added colours, sweeteners or flavours. 

All of the apples in the Copella drinks are freshly pressed and bottled at their farm in Suffolk and have been for the last 40 years. The name of the Company comes from the first letters of Cox's Orange Pippins which are the main type of apple used in the juice and also from the founders daughters name, Carmella.....I think that's pretty cool!!!

So what did we think? Well, I love the fact that they are convenient and I can just put them into the lunch box with no messing around. I'm also quite a fan of the fact that they are one of our five a day and have no added nastiness. The only downside that I can come up with is that they are quite pricey for four compared to some supermarket own brand juices.

Chick is the main juice drinker in the house and she says that she can't taste the elderflower but they make her tongue tingle and she loves them!!

Available from all of your typical supermarkets. For more information about the juice and the fabulous Boxford Farm please visit the Copella site.

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