Sunday, 15 May 2011

HP Virtual Focus Group - Week 5 - Decision Time......

So I'm aware that it's taken me more than 5 weeks to get all these reviews written and for that I would like to thank HP for sticking with me and being ever patient. For the last challenge it's time to embrace my creative side. I love making collages and have been doing these more and more. What I liked from the HP photo creations though was a collage cube. All you need to do is upload the pictures, the system places them for you and lets you edit them if necessary and you print out this:

Cut around it, follow the very simple instructions that print off at the edge of the template and you end up with this nifty little photo cube:

I still need to stick mine together and tidy it up but I'm sure my Mum & American Mom would really appreciate these as gifts or just to keep on their desks.

As it's now the final week I also get to decide which printer I want to keep and I have to say that it hasn't been an easy decision. 

The Kodak printer is unbeatable for the picture quality and the ease of printing the pictures off. 

The HP is smart, good looking and pretty much all touch screen and the only down side for me is that the pictures aren't quite such high quality as the Kodak. 

If I'm honest I probably wouldn't use it for printing pictures as I take so many it's much cheaper to have them done professionally. Therefore the HP is the winner for me and I'm very happy that I get to keep this little baby:

Please feel free to ask any questions as usual :-)

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