Wednesday, 19 October 2011

K'Nex Dinosaur Model Set

The blurb: The K'Nex Dinosaurs 20 Model Building Set is packed with 326 parts to build a T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Pterodactyl and more. Then bring them to life with the motion-activated sound brick!
Instructions and building ideas are included for over 20 different dinosaur models, ranging from beginner to more challenging. Or, use your imagination and create your own dinosaur.
This is an amazing set and although it doesn’t interest Chick at all, I think it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. We gave it to some friends to test and they said:
-          Batteries are included
-          Easy to use and can be used with other sets (i.e. Lego)
-          Great for boys and girls that love dinosaurs
-          Good price
-          Makes a roaring sound (even though it’s a bit feeble!!)
-          Durable and solid


-          Some fiddly parts for younger children

-          Instructions aren’t the best and aren’t included for all the dinosaurs – although are downloadable.

-          More bits to tread on ;-)

It’s aimed at ages 5+ which we both thought was fine. Older children can obviously complete the dinosaurs on their own and need much less parental help. The set retails for £19.99 which is really reasonable for a set of this kind. Available instore or online from Toys R Us.

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