Sunday, 18 December 2011

Galt Magic Science Kit

This fun Magic Science set contains 10 Magical activities for the trainee wizard! Make your own mysterious, shimmering magic wand, learn about famous wizards and cast spells as you mix up bubbling, colour changing, glowing potions in your test tube cauldron!
Set Contains:

·         3 test tubes and stand
·         1 clear tube wand
·         2 wand caps
·         Citric acid 20g
·         Bicarbonate of soda 50g
·         Red cabbage juice powder 3g
·         Cross-linked polyacrylamide crystals 28g
·         12 colour tablets
·         Zinc sulphide 2g
·         Pair of goggles
·         Medium and small scoops
·         Pipette
·         Purple paper
·         Star stickers
·         Goldenrod paper
·         Science and activity guide

My little Scientist has had most of the Galt Science sets and they’ve all been a huge hit. As Chick has so many of these sets we gave this one to After School club to review and they came up with the attached video, complete with child falling off his chair in the last 10 seconds!!!

Retails at £12.99 and is aimed at ages 10+. Available from Toys R Us instore and online.

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