Thursday, 14 April 2011

HP Virtual Focus Group - Week 4 - Extra Resources

Apologies for being so behind with the weeks but I've been busy working and enjoying the sunshine!! Week four's challenge was to investigate some of the extra resources that come with the printers. As you know they are both Wireless but you can also print some extra activities directly from the printer instead of having to go through a laptop or PC. 

The HP has a very stylish and funky display screen to check out the extra features:

As you can see from some of the pictures you can print Suduko, Crayola pictures or even directly from Snapfish. This is a great resource for Chick as she can print them as she pleases without any help from me although I do keep secretly disconnecting the wireless so that she can't keep printing off vast amounts ;-)

The Kodak screen and extras seem like they are out of the Ark in comparison:

They are all helpful things as there is a shopping list and reminder list but they just aren't as much fun and Chick isn't remotely interested. 

For this reason alone I think that the HP would win this challenge but it also has one other amazing trick that gives it definite brownie points.....  It has its own e-mail address! Now that might not sound very impressive but what it means is that you can e-mail the printer directly from wherever you are in the world and it will do your printing without you being around!! I think that's amazing cool and this week's winner for me is definitely the HP!!

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have about the printers and if I can't answer them then I'll put them to Thom from HP who is a printing guru!!!

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