Saturday, 23 April 2011

Review -

I may have been a little bit excited when the peeps from Photobox contacted me and asked if I would like to review their service. I absolutely love photos and am one of those sad people that still likes to have actual prints in my hand as well as photos all over the house.

The deal was that Photobox would give me£40 credit to spend on whatever I wanted from their site. Well.....therein lies the first challenge. Did I want a photo book, prints, cards, mugs, canvas or pop art.  It took me about a week of looking through the site to decide which product to choose and then once I'd chosen the product how on earth was I going to choose a picture that I loved???

In the end I decided to have this picture made into a canvas:

It was one that I took when I started doing Project 365 last year and remains one of the best photos I've ever taken. So I uploaded it to the site at the push of a button, ordered the canvas I wanted on Monday and then waited.

They e-mailed me immediately to confirm my order and then yesterday I got another e-mail saying that it had been despatched already!! At 8.30am this morning a lovely Postie dropped off my canvas and it is fabulous!!!

It already has pride of place on my shiny new red wall:

I can't thank Photobox enough and I am amazed at just how easy and efficient the service was. I'll definitely be using them again!!! Another great thing that I noticed whilst I was ordering the canvas is that when you are paying it tells you if there are any special offers or discounts on the site that you may benefit from so I had a look and ended up getting a bigger canvas for the same money I originally had to spend! An extra brownie point to Photobox for that!!!

*Disclosure - As stated above Photobox gave me a £40 credit for their site for me to spend as I wished.

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