Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hello Kitty at WHSmith

I'm generally quite picky about what I choose to review, and the majority of things I do say yes to are for Chick. She is one very lucky girl, (as her bursting at the seams bedroom will attest too) but she has one true love in the world which is stationery!! If you tell her that she can roam the aisles in WHSmith just looking at paper, pens, folders and rubbers then she is a very happy girl..... and if you let her move onto the book section or actually buy her stuff then it makes her weekend!!

So when WHSmith asked me if I would like to review some of their 'Hello Kitty' stationery I didn't think about turning it down for a second!! I actually love the 'Hello Kitty' range anyway as their products are perfect for girls of Chick's age. They are useful, bright, pretty and she thinks that they are grown up but I like the fact that the images are all so innocent and lovely, whilst bright and funky. So when this little bundle arrived I was really delighted:

So colourful and lovely!! We got a really cool pen that has some kind of mini slide show on top, a little figurine and a folder.....which will be useful for keeping the reams of paper in that my lovely girl writes on every day!!!

We also got an address book, a notebook and a pot of pencils which I've actually put away for her Christmas stocking but I know that she will be more than thrilled with them on Christmas morning:

May need to buy a couple more of the folders to keep her future masterpieces in though :-)

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