Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Monopoly Electronic Banking

The blurb: Monopoly is the classic property trading board game. It’s the game about dealing in big money and getting rich quick! Swipe your bank card to transfer money - it couldn’t be easier!
Starting from the famous “GO” space, move around the board, buying and selling properties, building apartments and hotels as you go. Watch out for players landing on your property – they owe you rent! And don’t forget to collect £2,000,000 every time you pass “GO”! That’s right, £2 Million… on your Bank Card!
The places have changed to reflect the real London of today that we all know and love – from Bishopsgate to Kensington Palace Gardens. Choose from a range of new movers including a mobile phone, roller blade, or even a cheeseburger!
I’m a firm believer that every family should own at least one version of Monopoly. It’s great for some good old family rivalry and also for use during power cuts!!!
What I like about this version:
Updated board so Chick recognises the places in London
Updated counters....I’m all for a bit of moving forward
Being able to collect rent from the properties.....bring it on.
Having high rise buildings
Makes it a much quicker game
Collecting £2 million every time you pass go!!! I like having so much money!
What I don’t like:
There is no cash!!! What?? The fun of Monopoly for me is getting everyone else’s wads of cash! A bank card just doesn’t give you the same thrill!! However that may just be me as Chick doesn’t appear to be unduly bothered!
Updated counters....I’m all for a bit of moving forward but I much prefer the dog and the top hat to the skateboard or mobile phone!
The game includes:
·         1 x Gameboard
·         1 x Banker Unit
·         6 x Movers
·         2 x Dice
·         32 x Green Apartments
·         12 x Red Hotels
·         28 x Title Deed Cards
·         16 x Chance Cards
·         16 x Community Chest Cards
·         6 x Monopoly Bank Cards
·         Game Rules & Instructions

The only extra thing that you need is two AA batteries to make the cash machine work. 

Aimed at ages 8+ which I feel is right. Obviously younger children can play with some help and guidance. Available from Toys R Us at £21.99 and thoroughly recommended for Christmas!

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