Saturday, 17 March 2012

Bubble Buster

The blurb: Children will love this game of bursting bubbles! Simply turn on the bubble blower and get busting!
The first player to burst 20 magic pinging bubbles wins! But beware! Only some of the bubbles have a magic ping, burst as many bubbles as you can and the pings will sound higher and higher until you burst the 20th magic pinging bubble and your wand plays the winner's chime. For 1-2 players.
As we are very lucky to be Toyologists I try and share some of the joy with Chick’s after school club and because this is quite a hectic messy game I figured they would have much more fun trying it out than Chick and I.  

They liked:

That it was easy to set up

The kids loved it and will play with it for hours

They disliked:

It can be difficult to get the bubbles to make the pinging noise

It's also difficult to count the one who is first to 20 when they are jumping around like lunatics!!
The only other downside to the game is that it requires 4 x AA and 4 x AAA batteries and also that it’s quite messy....I guess it’s not so bad if you save it for mainly outside play during warmer weather!! Retails at £17.99 which is ok and is aimed at ages 4+ although I’m sure with supervision younger children would be able to play. 

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