Sunday, 25 March 2012

Paper Jamz - Pro Mic

The blurb: Be a real superstar singer with the Paper Jamz Pro Mic. Sing a duet with the artist or go solo and become your favourite artist. The system features an auto mode that adjusts effects as your singing to recreate a track’s original sound. 1 built-in hit song and voucher for 3 downloadable songs. Buy new songs to add to your set list. Jam with Paper Jamz Pro fans from around the world with your own virtual studio.

I’m sure this is music to the ears of any Parent. A microphone that auto tunes your children (or you!!) and therefore makes the noise levels in the house much more bearable.....kind of!!  This is a brand new product from Paper Jamz, which is completely awesome and that Chick has played with may need ear plugs to watch the video....

We definitely need to download some more tunes as I’m heartily sick of hearing the three that come installed! The Pro Mic retails at £29.99 and for us would be well worth the money! This comes highly recommended from the girls in the Brooks household.

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