Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Review - Cuponk

We’ve had Cuponk sitting on the toy shelf for a while now just waiting for us to play with it. As you can see from the video it’s fun but also quite difficult and it just seems a bit of a pointless toy to me. If Chick wants to play with a cup and a ball then I’m pretty sure I can find one of each at home without paying £9.99 for the privilege!!! Even the tricks aren’t something that you couldn’t think up on a rainy day but we may have gotten a little competitive trying them out :-)

As the ball wasn’t bouncy at all Chick couldn’t get the ball into the cup and we ended up just playing our own game with it. I wouldn’t buy this but notSupermum had a different view and the boys at her school loved it!!! Check out her review here!!

Available to buy from Toys R Us at £9.99

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