Sunday, 16 January 2011

Review - Zoobles

When I received an e-mail from Spinmaster (the Company behind Moon Dough, Bakugan and Bendaroos) asking if we could test their latest new toy we of course said yes.

The toy in question are called Zoobles and are aimed at girls ages 4+.  They come as individuals or Twobles as well as playsets. Each one is different and with over 150 to collect there is something for all little girls. Basically they are tiny, cute little characters that roll into a ball and then pop up when you least expect it.

They come with their own homes called Happitat's and this is what transforms them from a colourful ball to a tiny character. When you pet or stroke the Zooble they react by blinking their eyes or waggling their ears and tails! They will retail at around £5.99 for the singles and are being released in the UK tomorrow!!!

So what did we think? It took us a while to figure out how to make everything work but then we aren't the smartest cookies!! It's quite cute and something that I would buy for Chick or would certainly let her buy with her own pocket money. This was ours but I can't remember what it's name was as I threw away the packet (such a bad reviewer ;-):

Chick thought that it was fun but it has a limited appeal on it's own. I would suggest buying at least a Twoble pack so that they can interact with each other and you can swap and change them around. I also like the fact that you could collapse it down to a ball which then fitted inside its 'Happitat! I'm all for toys that almost tidy themselves away!

To find out more visit the Zoobles website or 'like' their Facebook page!!!

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