Thursday, 11 August 2011

Badge It!

The blurb: Now you can make your own very own metal badges.  Choose an image of your favourite pop star, pet, friend or anything cool and use it to make your own badge.

The badge It! set comes with the badge maker, and enough stuff to make 15 badges. Refill packs are sold separately.

I’ve saved this one for a while as I knew that Chick would be really excited to play with it. Yesterday when she fell down the stairs and hurt herself I decided that it would give her the distraction that she needed and boy was I right!!!

We started off with all of the bits that came with the set and reading the instructions.....except I didn’t read them properly and the first badge was a write off!!! Whoops!  

I love this as it’s really simple to assemble, easy to make (if you read the instructions) and doesn’t require any batteries. I guess that I would like more of the badges in the initial pack as Chick has used at least half of them already but can’t complain too much!! These are the images are the ones that came in the pack:

Chick absolutely loved this and today I had strict instructions to print off pictures of her, her friends and any small pictures that I could find of The Wanted, JLS and One Direction!!!  Obviously being as I appear to not wear the trousers in this house I did exactly what I was told and printed off the pictures and she has spent tonight making them too!!!

The unit retails at around £20 which I would definitely pay for this although had I bought it for a present would probably have grabbed a refill as well. It’s aimed at ages 6+ although I see no reason why younger children couldn’t make them with some help. Available in store from Toys R Us.  Remember to check out the fab new Toybox application on Facebook!!

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