Saturday, 27 August 2011

Review - Reeves Painting by Numbers Artist's Starter Set

The blurb:  Complete with everything the eager artist needs to start painting their pictures, this Reeves Painting By Numbers Gift Set is a great way to be introduced to painting. 

The Contents:  Easel, Numbered painting boards, 21 paints, 2 brushes, Brush pot, Mixing palate.

The Good:

Value for money
Quality set and would make a great present
Variety of pictures
Choice of colours and options for blending etc
Easy to store and very quick to get out and put away again
Makes great pictures to frame

The Bad:

Very detailed pictures
Small, fine areas to paint
Lots of blending
Quite time consuming


Chick and I both really liked this. I was amazed by the quality of all the items included but especially by the picture boards themselves. It was super easy to store in the box it came in and was great for getting out and quickly putting away again when Chick had enough.

The only downside for me was that Chick got bored with trying to paint all the tiny parts of the picture and waiting for long enough for the full picture to be ready. As I’ve said previously we both have problems with co-ordination so I think is our problem rather than with the kit. I highly recommend it for any budding artists out there.

This is aimed at ages 8+ and I think that younger children would probably struggle with this unless they are a perfectionist and patient enough to complete all the fiddly bits. Available instore from Toys R Us.

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