Saturday, 13 August 2011

Labyrinth Game from Ravensburger

The blurb:  With Labyrinth, gain the advantage over the other players by inserting the extras tile to move walls and open passages of the labyrinth. Learn cause and effect, planning, association, recognition and taking turns.

I decided that this year we would again try and share the toys that we were given with Chick’s holiday club and after school club. They played the game and filmed the video: 

The Leader of the club says that she really enjoyed playing the game and so did the kids. She especially liked that fact that whilst the kids thought that it was fun it was great for making them think and for planning the moves ahead. Holiday Club gave it 10 out of 10 as not only have they all enjoyed it but have played it almost every day since I gave it to them!!

Chick says: I really love this game. It’s quite tricky because you have to work out where to put the pieces to get your treasures but its fun.

The game is aimed at ages 8+ but I don’t see why younger children couldn’t join in and play with some help. It’s easy to assemble and once the rules are explained is pretty easy to follow. You can also step it up a gear and employ serious strategy to win!!! Available to buy in-store from Toys R Us.

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