Tuesday 24 April 2012

Little Learners Books

For as long as I can remember I’ve always been an avid reader. I guess it started way back when I was little and my Mum used to read to me every night although my Dad loved reading too. We always had plenty of books around and so to me it’s a completely normal thing. When Chick came along one of the first things that I bought for her was a book called 'Guess how much I love you?'.

In the initial e-mail there was a statistic that six million adults in the UK are unable to read. A statistic that completely blows my mind!! Another alarming stat as the National Literacy Trust’s recent poll indicating that one in three children in the UK don’t own a book, Parragon aims to ensure that these fun books will ignite a passion for reading and a familiarity with books at the earliest stages of a child’s life.

The Little Learners collection has been developed in conjunction with educational experts and tested by mums to stimulate and educate children and come in seven different formats including cloth, finger puppets and foam.

Parragon books asked me to review these gorgeous children's books:

What I love about these books is that they are simple, fun, bright and a fabulous way to get kids into books. I love the graphics:

Night, Night and Yum Yum are foam books and really light.......therefore they don't hurt when dropped on little fingers and toes!! We had my almost 2 year old Niece take a look at them and she loves them. 

'I can share' is an almost perfect book for that age range. It's chunky and easy to handle, has bright pictures again and is brilliant for speech development and behaviours. The pull out tabs make it interactive and more exciting. I'm saving this one for her birthday as it's just so cool:

When there are great, simple books around like these, that are a very reasonable price it make you wonder why one in three children doesn't own a single book?!!

The full range is available at all major retailers including Tesco, WH Smith, Sainsbury’s, Amazon and Early Learning Centre with books ranging from £2.99 to £6.99.

Tuesday 10 April 2012

Ribena Plus

Ribena have launched a new product, apparently their biggest launch in 20 years. Their new range of no added sugar juice drinks is called Ribena Plus and now has added vitamins!!! We were sent these to try:

We generally buy Ribena anyway so Chick was a very willing taste tester. The big bottle was Apple & Blackcurrant with added calcium for healthy bones. She tells me that it's very juicy and that she prefers it as it isn't as thick as normal Ribena (may have to water it down some more!!!) 

The only moan that she has is about the bottle design as she says it difficult to get the lid off! I didn't find it a problem myself!

The new juices are available in both squash and ready to drink cartons from all major retailers now. The large bottles retail for around £2.89 but I've seen them on offer today for £2.