Thursday 17 January 2013

A Tasty Valentine Idea....

I always love to receive emails offering me fab products to try and what better product to be offered than cake!! Baker Days sell personalised 'letterbox' that can be delivered by post to your door. They offered to send me the Valentine version for my gorgeous boy which comes in a plain white box so you can keep it a surprise. The cake comes in it's own funky tin and the Valentine version comes complete with a small pack of love hearts too:

I was able to choose the design that I wanted for my cake and also to personalise it. I was worried that it may look too 'girlie' when it came but actually it was really cute and the boy liked it too:

I (surprisingly!!) opted for double chocolate chip cake but you can also go for sponge, carrot, fruit or gluten and wheat free so all tastes are definitely covered. The cake was so soft and lovely and delightfully rich.

They come in different sizes according to your occasion:

More information can be found on the Baker Days website or by following them on Twitter.