Sunday 8 January 2012

Win a copy of Grease Dance for XBox Kinect

Shake out your hair, turn up your style, put on your face and release your inner rock and roll party queen. Get ready for those "Summer Nights" with a return to Rydell High! Chick and I love the Grease film and like nothing better to sing along, so how much fun is it to be able to dance along too??

With over 20 familiar songs to sing along to including You're the one that I want, Greased Lightning and Summer Nights as well as all your favourite dance routines to learn.

·         A full duet karaoke experience is available in Karaoke Mode, with 20 songs to choose from including additional Rock and Roll songs from the 1950's.

·         Pick your partner, twist and shout, shake it out and rock around the clock for hours of fun in Dance Mode which enables you and a friend to dance simultaneously to your favourite Grease songs and Rock and Roll classics!

·         Up to 8 players can join in the fun of Party Mode, where the game pits players against one another in a team based dance, karaoke or even minigames session.

·         Take my Picture! Grease makes incredible use of the Kinect camera to allow you and your partners to view your best moves at the end of the dancing session!

To celebrate the recent release of the Grease game I have a copy to give away.  To enter all you need to do is leave a comment below letting me know which is your favourite song from the movie ‘Grease’. Entries close on Friday, 13th January at 5pm. Good Luck J

Pirate Snakes and Ladders and Ludo

The Blurb: Two games in one! Old favourites are given an exciting pirate twist on this double-sided playing board.  Raise the anchor and set a course for the buried treasure in snakes and ladders, or join the pirate fun on the ludo board on the back!
Suitable for 2-4 players.
I absolutely love these and would thoroughly recommend them. It’s a double sided set which we have played with constantly and it only costs £8.99.

The set is bright and colourful and can be played by the whole family although due to the small pieces it’s recommended from age 5. The design is predominantly aimed at boys but Chick had no issues in playing with a ‘boys’ toy!

Would make a fabulous birthday or Christmas present and comes highly recommended from the Brooks household! 

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Teacup Piggies

The blurb: Teacup Piggies are everyone's best friend! Dress them, feed them and take them wherever you go. These cute interactive piggies talk and laugh and oink and each has her own unique personality.
Each piggie says over 25 different phrases. Lay them on their side and they go to sleep and gently snore, feed them with their bottle and hear them drinking! Each set contains:
·         1 x Teacup Piggie
·         1 x Teacup
·         1 x Feeding Bottle
·         1 x Birth Certificate

I can see why these may be attractive to children but if I’m honest it’s not something that I would buy for Chick. They are cute and interactive and they talk an awful lot but don’t say anything interesting. I don’t mind their American accent but it does get kind of annoying after a while. I think part of my problem with these is that they cost £15 but don’t really do much.
Chick gives her opinion in the video:

Given how much she says that she likes it, she really hasn’t played with it that often at all. However, she is seduced by all the other accessories that you can buy to go with it and would really like the limo. I guess if you buy some of the other sets the kids would play with them a lot more.
Available to buy in-store and online from Toys R Us at £14.99. The limo retails at £24.99.

Bop It XT

The Blurb: Move to the groove and compete to the beat! Bop It XT takes Bop It gameplay to a whole new level. All your favourite actions are here, bop, twist, pull, spin, and flick. Now you have a shake action too! Six different actions - things are going to get manic!
A great game for children's parties. Adding to the excitement is a taunting, yet hilarious, electronic announcer directing your every move. The better you get the faster it goes, and when you miss a beat you'll hear about it! Practice alone and play at parties, it's a game you are compelled to beat!
This is kind of the new and improve Bop It. It has more functions and buttons than the normal version. We are big fans but Chick struggled to get to grips with this initially as it had so much going on but the more she has played with it the better she has got. After School Club were kind enough to help us out with the review and the video is of them trying to score more than 10 ;-) (Apologies that most of the video is sideways!!)

Retails at £17.99 from Toys R Us and is available online or in-store. It’s aimed at ages 8+ and as I say Chick struggled initially so I think that is about right, although younger children could play.