Sunday 2 January 2011

Reviews from the Children's Hospital - Crayola Magic Lightbrush, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Car & Figure, Fisher Price Trio, Tipover Game & Rush Hour Game

I'm sure that you all remember my visit to the Children's hospital a few weeks ago, well they have played with the toys now and these are the thoughts of the Children and Playworkers.

6 year olds view: So fantastic, excellent brilliant paints.   10/10
It’s clever how the brush lights up over the paint pots..
Not sure why you’d use this instead of just normal paints because you can’t use this toy once the gel runs out and need special paper.

6year olds view: “Cool” “ amazing” “ brilliant”  “wings can flap, arm & legs move. Back piece comes off, face moves.”   10/10
Initiates imaginary play well.
Quite bendy, could be easily broken. Need the diskmatrix to be able to use the Disk alien.

6 year olds view 10/10.
Quite a sturdy toy.  Aids imagination.
Need to have other Ben 10 toys to get full use. Instructions could be clearer about how parts fit together.

 6year old view 8/10.
Allows child to initiate own construction ideas.
Would need more parts to make the bigger models. Step by step instructions would be useful instead of pictures of constructed ideas for a 6year old.

6 year olds view 5/10
Difficult game to understand for a 6year old.
6 year old lost interest in game quickly. Developed own version of game.

11 year old review 9/10
Able to play with individually or with others. Different levels to suit varying abilities. A good brain challenging game that could become addictive! 

Reviewed as part of the Toys R Us Toyologist programme. 

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