Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Persil Small & Mighty

The one thing that I'm not generally fussy about is washing powder. I buy whichever is cheapest or is on special offer in the supermarket and I'm happy with that but I do always buy powder. I try and do my bit to be green and wash everything (apart from whites) on as low a temperature as I think I can get away with!!

When Persil asked me if I would review their new Small and Mighty product, they said that by using colder washes I could save 5-10p per wash and use the quicker washes with the same results. Now as you know my little Chick is very accident prone and this isn't just her tripping over her own two feet but also is her dropping, spilling things etc! When she's been painting she ends up with more on her clothes than on her pictures so I thought that I would put this to the test and see if it worked for us.

As I said I don't normally use a liquid but I was willing to go with it and see and I have to say that I'm a total convert. As it's a concentrated liquid you only need a small amount and you can use it in the drawer or put it in with the washing. I've been doing half and half. The thing that I love the most about Small & Mighty is the smell....it's absolutely divine! You can smell it whilst it's washing and drying but also once you are wearing the clothes.

It washed all of our usual stuff on much lower temperatures with great results. I often use the quick wash for my work clothes and again it worked perfectly with another plus being that I'm saving time and money on each wash. I will definitely be buying this when my free bottle runs out!!

Available from all the usual supermarkets and retails for around £4 for a regular bottle.

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