Monday 25 July 2011

Rainbow Scraperfoil Kit

I was so excited when we received this in our Toys R Us box as I remembered getting one of these for Christmas when I was young!! Now obviously being the grown up that I am, I let Chick have it first and start it off.

The idea with these is that you get a blackboard with a silver picture printed on it. The set comes with a scraper and the you scrape off the silver to reveal the lovely rainbow colours underneath and make a gorgeous picture.

The problem that we had with it is with the scraper. It's made out of plastic and because the edges aren't sharp enough it's really very difficult to scrape off the silver. Also the black comes off too so its impossible to keep the edges neat and Chick got majorly frustrated with it and gave up!!!

I carried on with it for a while and I have to say that I'm with's REALLY frustrating........also very unhelpful when you have OCD!!!

We finished it though and as long as you don't look too closely then it's kind of cool. Chick much preferred the spare blackboard that came with it although her designing lasted about 10 seconds before it was all used up!!

This gets a 2/10 from Chick and unfortunately the same from me.

Available to buy from Toys R Us instore. If you already like Toys R Us on Facebook then please check out the new Toybox application where you can find all the latest reviews from the Toyologists.

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