Sunday 10 July 2011

Children's Globe Puzzleball

I love when you happen across an educational toy which is also totally fun and that the kids are completely into. So, when we received this from Toys R Us both of us were very excited:

The instructions are pretty easy and it's cool that it comes with normal worded instructions as well as images, rather like an idiots guide which is very useful for Chick and I. The first 6 or 7 pieces of the puzzle are already assembled to make things easier for you. The next few pieces fitted in quite easily but they are some trickier ones as it's made of plastic and so they aren't so easy to fit in. Once you get used to it and you find a rhythm then they slot in pretty easily. 

The pieces are all numbered and we found the easiest way to put the puzzle together was to put them in number piles:

I tried to take a picture of the numbers and arrows which point you in the direction of the next piece but the writing is just so tiny that my camera wouldn't pick them up!!  You can also obviously go down the traditional puzzle route and just look at the pictures!

It took Chick about 35 minutes to get to this stage but mainly because we kept stopping to chat about the different animals and Countries on the globe!

The last piece was definitely tricky to fit in but I helped with it and we managed in the end. I'm a huge fan of this product and cannot recommend it highly enough. We had a lot of fun putting it together and now that it's finished Chick is still looking at it and talking about it and it has in pride of place in her bedroom. 

It's aimed at ages 8+ which I think is perfect. Younger children would be able to manage but I think may find it quite difficult. It retails at £19.99 and I will definitely be buying it for a few birthdays this year.

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