Friday 8 July 2011


Fyrflyz are billed as a spinning light show, mixing art, fun and action! You can swing, spin and twirl them around to make a light show or special effects in your hands.

Now, I have to admit being a bit puzzled by these at least until Chick started playing with them. Yes they look very pretty when you are spinning them around but that is the sum of all the action. Of course part of the problem may be that in the Brooks household we actually have no co-ordination and therefore tend to end up in a tangled heap or hitting ourselves in the head with them! I wish that I could say it was just Chick that had this problem......

Chick isn't sure what she thinks of them but she does say that the light is very bright!!! I think she would be more impressed if they didn't tangle so easily. This is a video of Chick in action:

Now being the internet savvy person that I am (ahem!!) I thought I'd better do some more research and sure enough if you check out Fyrflyz on You Tube there are much more co-ordinated people making the most amazing light shows. In summary these aren't for us.......but don't let that put you off what could be a great product for your kids.

These retail at £7.99 which I think is quite reasonable and are aimed at the 8+ age range which is about right.  Available online or instore from Toys R Us.

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