Thursday 14 July 2011

TP Activity Forest Swing Single - A Toyology Poem

A Toyology Poem

My name is a TP Forest Swing
And joy to Chick, I do bring

I’m a single wooden swing that will provide hours of fun
With a plastic seat the perfect size for a bum!

Made from Scandinavian redwood
You can imagine how I look good

My timber is guaranteed for five years
I’m smooth, so no splinters to cause any tears

To put together was no simple feat
But I’m perfect for a Summer’s day heat

Mummy needed some help to assemble my frame
So asked some friends and turned it into a game

Set amongst the grass and the flowers
You can swing for hours and hours and hours

My price tag may seem a little high
But I feel like I can almost touch the sky

Mummy says it worth the money
To see all the smiles from her little hunny


The awesome TP Forest Swing retails at £99.99 from Toys R Us. The double swing set is also on offer at the moment for the same price! Remember to check out the Toy Box app if you are on Facebook where you can see all the Toyology reviews in one place :-)

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