Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Cute Cupcakes - Review

We've been sent lots of lovely crafty things so far in our Toys R Us boxes and this one was no exception.  In our latest box we received some 'cute cupcakes' which at first glance looked like a cup cake making set however, upon further inspection we discovered that it was actually a plaster of paris kit.

The kit comes with a mould tray, plaster moulding powder, acrylic paints, paintbrush, glue and glitter glue along with a simple step by step idiots guide just to ensure you know exactly what you are doing!! The mould tray has a compartment for making the cup cake stand too so you don't have to do this as an extra.

The kit is recommended for children ages 5+  for health and safety reasons but I'm sure Chick could've handled this at a younger age with a little extra help from me.

My verdict: Simple enough for kids to do but Chick didn't like having to wait the 24 hours for the plaster to set before she could paint them. 

I would definitely buy these as a stocking filler or as part of a birthday present as they are good value at £5.99 and Chick did enjoy making them.

Chick's verdict: It takes a long time but they look real and like the cakes were made by a professional!!

Overall a thumbs up from us.  Cute cupcakes are available to buy from Toys R Us.  Become a fan of their page on Facebook for updates and some great competitions.

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