Wednesday 1 September 2010

Review - Sticky Mosaics Unicorns & Ponies

Chick and I spent a thoroughly enjoyable rainy afternoon making a picture with this set.  It comes with four different picture boards, hundreds of sparkly and coloured sticky mosaics and works on the same premise as painting by numbers.  This is the 'chosen' first picture board:

Chick concentrating on the job in hand:

And drumroll please..........the finished product:

This was my favourite item so far from our first Toyologists box!!  Chick loves to be creative and do arts & craft type stuff but I can't deal with the mess. The great thing about the sticky mosaics is that she can do something she loves and there is no mess! There are also different designs available including Dinosaurs, Princesses, Jewels and Fairies (which I think may be added to the birthday list!)

I would definitely recommend this and can see me buying it for a couple of birthday's that Chick's friends have coming up.  It's marketed at age ranges 5+ which I think is about right as younger children may struggle with having to be so precise with the squares!

The only downside for me (and I'm really nit picking with this one) is that the colours are not particularly clear. There is a numbered coded colour chart but we got our purples mixed up.....obviously completely my fault as Chick is perfect!!  Numbered squares would have been extremely helpful!

Chick's verdict: I loved the jewels and when it's done it looks all sparkly!! There was nothing I didn't like about it!  (Mummy says: high praise indeed!!!)

The various sets retail at £14.99 and are available from Toys R Us.

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