Thursday, 7 October 2010

Lara Doll - Review

Chick has been dying to open this ever since we got our first Toyologist box in August.  It's taken her six weeks but the bedroom is finally tidy so she's been allowed to open it.  This is her thoughts:

So what do I think? Well Chick has quite a thing for scary dolls so I'm not surprised that she really liked it and the horse riding theme really added to the novelty. It comes with a story book CD which is quite cool but I don't know if she'd listen to it for more than one day!

Chick already has lots of dolls and clothes and the house is almost overrun with baby stuff for them.  We also tend to trek them to the park, supermarket etc with us! Lara is smaller than the other dolls that we have and I think a little pricey at £29.99, although I could be persuaded to buy it for a birthday or Christmas present. A good thing about Lara is that she fits into Baby Annabel's clothes so Chick can share between the two.

Something that was a bit odd however is that Lara has two left feet!!!!!  I was initially amused when Chick first pointed it out but if that had happened on Christmas morning and I'd paid the £29.99 for it, I probably wouldn't have giggled so much!!!  I know that Toys R Us would have happily given me a replacement and on the plus side we have a completely unique Lara so that's quite cool!!

Lara and her friends Emma and Kim are available to buy from Toys R Us at £29.99.  'Like' Toys R Us on Facebook to see all the other reviews as well as updates and competitions

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