Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Say it with Celebrations

I get almost daily e-mails asking me if I'd like to review a whole manner of stuff so imagine my excitement a couple of weeks ago when I opened one asking me if I'd like to review a brand new online chocolate ordering service! Well I obviously thought about it for 0.000001 seconds before replying yes as I am a complete chocoholic!

So the deal is that Mars Celebrations have launched a new service called 'Say it with Celebrations' where you can send your own personalised Celebrations giftbox. It's a very simple thing to do.  Basically you log on to upload a picture and your message, decide which size giftbox you would like to order and send it!  That's it!!  What a fab idea.  

To be honest I was expecting just a box of chocolates to be delivered to me but I got my very own personalised giftbox! Which I very kindly (I thought!!!) shared with my lovely Ladies at work hence the reason there's only a few left:

My only criticism would be that there just isn't enough chocolate but that may well just be me being greedy ;-)

To launch the website Celebrations are offering all my readers a 2 for 1 promotion. Just enter the promotional code 'ADVENTURES' at the checkout before the 25th October to qualify and enjoy!!!!

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