Monday, 4 October 2010

Pass the Bomb Review

Chick and I love playing games together, although I must admit to not being great at playing make believe (mainly because I'm completely lazy) but I am a massive fan of board games. Once a month on a Sunday afternoon we make the effort to turn off the TV and the laptop and Chick and I have a games afternoon. We have rather a limited choice and only have about 6 cards left in our favourite 'Guess Who' game so I've been praying that Toys R Us would send us lots of games to play together and they didn't disappoint us!

We've previously borrowed Pass the Bomb which Chick loved mainly because of the ticking bomb but it was too grown up for her at the time and she couldn't put the words together quickly enough.  This version is perfect for her age because it comes with picture cards and not parts of words. The aim of the game is to look at the picture and say a word relating to it so that your opponent can guess what's on the card before the bomb goes off. For instance if the picture is the beach then you could say sand. I guess it's a bit like charades but with words not actions!

I would love to say that we play the game oh so nicely between the two of us but erm......someone inherited my competitive streak and so there is lots of discussion about what constitutes cheating and whether or not the word actually relates to the cards!!!  You have to be quick though because if you are holding a card when the bomb goes off you get to keep it. The player with the most cards at the end of the game is the loser!!!

I have to say that I love the time we spend together like this, arguing and all! It reminds me of some lovely nights spent with my American family....can't wait to get out there again next summer.....we may even take this with us! (Not that my lovely Americans cheat!!!)

It's probably apparent from what I've written so far but we both love this!  I like the colourful cards and the ease of playing together with it.  Not so keen on the noise of the ticking bomb but that's a hazard of kids toys unfortunately! This was already on the birthday list and I'd be more than happy to part with £12.99 for it! We were also lucky enough to get a huge battery supply from Phillips....very handing for all the ticking!!!!

Chick says: This is a very fun game.  The best part is beating Mummy! (Mummy says hmmmmmm ;-)

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