Thursday 18 November 2010

Mega Blocks - Dragons Universe

We received the Mega Blocks Dragon Universe Dual-Blast Hunter Dragon and the Universe Egg -Blackheart. I gave these to my lovely Cousin Mr.E to test as Chick wasn't interested because she's 'not a boy'!!! Mr.E's Mum said:

My son Mr.E. (age 7) really enjoyed playing with these, so much so that he's added them on his Christmas list as he would like more!!

I was impressed with how easily Mr.E. could follow the instructions and made them up himself. It was also nice that the batteries were already included and that there is an on and off switch.

I think the are value for money and it's good that you can add to the sets.

Mr.E's description of these:  Brilliant, excellent, fantastic fun to play with, easy to build.......amazing......would like more!!

The Dual-Blast Hunter Dragon is available from Toys R Us at £24.97. The add on sets are available from £9.97.

This is Mr.E and Chick on her birthday:

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