Tuesday 2 November 2010

Playskool - Push 'N Stack Gears

I'm guessing that you are all wondering why Toys R Us sent me this when I no longer count Chick's age in months???? Originally this was part of the box destined for my local Children's Hospital however as it has three little pieces of fabric on it, the hospital are unable to have it on the wards due to infection control. Being the lovely person I am, I donated it to a friend of mine that has a one year old!!

There wasn't anything that they didn't like about this which is always a bonus and at £14.99 was something that they would have bought themselves.

What they loved about it:

- Brightly coloured

- All the pieces moved as you pushed it which had the little one completely engrossed

- Very durable and after being dropped from a great height several times as well as bashed about is still as good as new!!

- Lara enjoyed taking the pieces of the toy apart and putting them together again

- Big chunky parts are fabulous as Lara could handle them with ease and chew on them without swallowing anything!

A big thumbs up from Lara and Mummy and Daddy. The Push N Stack gears is available from Toys R Us online and in store, you can also follow them on Facebook.

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