Saturday 13 November 2010

Review - Bouncy Balls Kit

This kit comes with 8 packs of glow in the dark crystals and a couple of ball moulds.  This is how you make them..........First of all read the instructions:

Next choose which coloured crystals you'd like:

Pour into the mould:

Place into cold water for two minutes:

Rinse and leave to dry for approximately 4 hours. The end result:

Chick really enjoyed making these but I would recommend that you encourage them to make the small ones. We made one large one that took most of the crystals and she was a bit disappointed that they ran out so quickly. She has however played with the balls quite a lot and has even taken them to school to play with her friends. The fact that they glow in the dark is a bonus too :-)

My verdict: They make a great stocking filler and are an okay price. Really simple to make and lots of fun afterwards.

Available to buy from Toys R Us at £5.99.  Would you like the chance to become a Toyologist from now until Christmas? Them make sure you enter the fab competition that Toys R Us are running until 21st November.

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