Monday 6 December 2010

After School Club Reviews.......Zingo and Jolly Octopus Game

Zingo is a completely awesome game!! I donated one each of these to the Nursery and the After School Club. Not only is it a fun game but educational too and great in the above settings as it's colourful, durable and very easy to clean.

Basically it's a game of Bingo. You slide the red dispenser and out pop two counters which you then have to try and match with your card:

What surprised me about this game was that it was the boys that swarmed towards it and all played together. It's aimed at 4+ but I think that younger ones could play as well. It was great to see that the older boys enjoyed teaching the younger ones how to play and I was amazed that they all played nicely together!!

I thoroughly recommend this and at £12.99 it's definitely affordable and great value! These also appear on my Top Ten for Christmas List!

Another brilliant game and for the same reasons above it's fabulous in an After School Club setting. The idea is that the Octopus is sitting on a rock and is sheltering the little crabs underneath. You each need to take a turn picking up the crabs with the tweezers and without being caught by the tentacles.  It was very easy to put together:

If you are caught by the tentacles then the Octopus stops spinning and sits and laughs at you!!!

A bright colourful toy which the children really liked playing with. The only downside that I can think of with this is that the crabs are very small and (at least in our household) are likely to be lost the more they play with it!!

Available to buy from Toys R Us at £11.99

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