Tuesday 14 December 2010

Review - Phineas & Ferb Secret Journal & Sylvanian Families playset

Phineas & Ferb Secret Journal

I have to be honest and say that I've never heard of Phineas & Ferb before but my daughter assures me that they have their very own show over on the Disney channel! This secret journal is right up Chick's street as she loves writing and is constantly scribbling away! The fact that she can keep it a 'secret' from me also amuses her greatly!

The journal comes with a lock and key, a UV pen and a UV reveal torch which means that even if she writes in the diary I can't read it anyway as she has hidden the torch away from me!! I would be more than happy to buy this for her as like I say it's just the kind of thing she is after constantly to keep up with her writing. At £7.99 I think this is a very reasonable price especially as it comes with the 'secret' pen and torch!!

Sylvanian Families - At Home with Brother set

I'm sure that you've all heard of Sylvanian Families and seen the amazing sets that you can buy along with extra sets like this one that you can add to it. The big sets include a windmill and houses. I remember my step-sister being into these years and years ago and not much has changed.

This set is the brother at home playset and the basic premise is that he annoys his little Sister by spending too long in the bathroom. This would be much better if Chick had any of the other sets but I've always been too mean to buy her any :-)

She was so excited when she first got this and initially she played with it all day. Since then it has languished in the Barbie box with the little pieces never to be put together again! I do think that it's a cool toy if your child is into them or dolls houses as the bits would be interchangeable!! Available from Toys R Us at £12.99.

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