Monday 20 December 2010

Review - Tipover and Rush Hour

We recently received two ThinkFun games in our Toys R Us Toyologists boxes. The first one is Tipover:

The game comes with different levels of cards from beginner to expert. Using the grid and placing the crates in the positions indicated on the cards, you need to tip the crates over to create a path from start to finish.

We took this away on holiday with us for the girls to play and they struggled to understand what to do without our help. It also took us a while to figure it out!!! Once we had got it the girls were ok with it but Chick didn’t really enjoy playing it and she found it too hard. The Punk was more interested but that didn’t last too long either.

I think that maybe it was too grown up for them and may be better suited to older Children. I honestly don’t believe this is a bad game it’s just not fun enough for my Girl as she has to think about it. It’s aimed at ages 8+ and costs around £12.99

The other game that we were sent is Rush Hour and is based on similar rules to Tipover, with this one however you need to escape the gridlocked traffic.
Chick enjoyed this one much more which I find really odd! I’m not sure if it’s the brightly coloured cars as the principal is exactly the same as Tipover. Again this comes with cards from beginners to expert so is great for the whole Family but is aimed at ages 8+. Available from Toys R Us at £12.99

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