Friday 3 December 2010

Review - Lego City Passenger Train Set

This is a lovely review from Chick’s best friend Miss.C. and her Dad!!!

You will need:

Cross Head Screwdriver
2 hours creating time
9 AAA batteries  -  Yes , that is not a mistake – 9 !!!!

I was very surprised with the number of batteries this takes. There are 3 batteries in the remote control and 6 more in the train itself – but this really is my only negative point.

You get 7 bags of lego and 4 instruction books that make up the main battery powered train, the passenger carriage and the end loco/carriage train as well as a station platform.  There are a couple of passengers and the train driver to make as well.

Being used to playing and making wooden train tracks recently, I was pleased to see that the track has a lot of flexibility to it, even though this set is a basic oval shape, it would be very easy to connect other lego train tracks to it make it longer and more interesting.

One good point is that the people at lego have kindly supplied a few spare parts with the kit.  At first I thought that I had assembled it wrong and missed a few little pieces off, but on further examination I find that they have given extra small pieces (such as single piece plastic lights) as they probably know from their years of experience that these are the bits that will get lost first.

Being a big fan of lego since I was a kid, I have been disappointed in recent years as all the lego boxes I see in the shops come in a lot of ready to make items (such as the train and city sets) – whereas I was from the 80’s group of kids that just got a huge bag of all shapes and sizes of the stuff and let my imagination run riot. With that in mind I wasn’t sure I would be that enthused with the project, but I soon got into it.

The only problem was not finishing it quick enough for Miss.C to play with it, (She got bored after the first hour and watched Angelina Ballerina) and all I got for the next hour was “are you nearly finished, I want to play with the train!)

All in all – a worthwhile endeavour to build and to play.

Available from Toys R Us at £94.97

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