Sunday 12 December 2010

Review - Hexbug Nano

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We received the HEXBUG nano's a few weeks ago but if I'm honest they look so evil I left them on the side and didn't dare to open them!!!  The little critters look like this:
They are so realistic as they scuttle across the floor that you will want to lift up your feet and run away from them!! It moves along by vibrations, makes a buzzing noise and can flip over by itself. Chick has made mazes for them, watched them flip over and chased them around the kitchen for hours! A word of warning though......they are sneaky little suckers and scuttle into the tiniest little places, hence I've had to retrieve them from under the fridge, down the side of the washing machine and Chick knocked over a whole shelf of CD's trying to get one back from under the TV!!!! Obviously because they are such a menace Chick and her cousin absolutely adore them!!

As well as the single bugs, you can also buy them in collector packs and just in time for Santa coming you can also buy their 'habitat', bridges and cells too! Each bug comes with it's own unique code which you enter online and keep track of your collection. 

The HEXBUG nano's are available to buy online and start at £8.99 for the singles. Courtesy of the lovely people at HEXBUG I have one to giveaway. To win just leave me a comment below! Of course if you'd like to become a follower here or on Facebook that would be quite delightful too :-)

Closing Date is Friday, 17th December at 5pm and I promise to try my best to post it out on the 18th so that you'll have it in time for Christmas!!!

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